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Gleb Filshtinskiy

Lighting Designer

It were borne in 1970 in Leningrad in the family of theatrical director. In 1988 it entered the theatrical department of the Leningrad state institute of theater, music and cinematography of the name Of n. k.Cherkasov (now St. Petersburg academy of theatrical skill), it simultaneously mastered pro­fessiyu in Te­atre of youthful tvorche­stva of the Leningrad palace of the pioneers, where in 1990 as the artist on the light designed its per­vyy play.

Gleb fil‘shtinskiy took part in the creation of more than 150 plays in many Russian and foreign theaters, including by Novosibirsk academic youth theater "Globus", Latvian national opera, dramatic theater "at the foundry", Novosibirsk the state academic theater of opera and ballet, the Russian state academic theater of the drama of the name A. s.Pushkin (Aleksandrinskom), new national theater in Tokyo, Russian state academic Bolshoi theater the name Of g. a.Tovstonogov, Moscow theater new opera, Samarskom academic theater of the drama of the name Of a. m.Gor‘kiy, by Mariinsk state academic theater, by Krasnoyarsk the state theater of opera and ballet, operatic theater in Kal‘yari (Italy).

He collaborated with the artists by edward Kocherginym, Vladimir firer, Emil kapelyushem, Alloy Of kozhenkovoy, by Vyacheslav okunev, Semenom by herdsman, by Aleksandr Orlov, by Sergey barkhin, by March Kitayevym, etc.

Among the recent projects, in which it participated as the artist on sve­tu "Boris Godunov" Of m. musorgskogo (la of Scala, 2002), the "game of the sleeps" Of a. strinberg (theater "Et Cetera", 2002), "Hamlet" Of u. Shakespeare (Gosudarstvennyy dramatic theater the "shelter Of komedi­anta", Saint Petersburg, 2002), "costumier" R. Harwood (BDT, 2002), "Mary Stewart" Of f. Shiller (Rizhskiy the theater of Russian drama, 2002), "Sigfried" and the "loss of the gods" Of r. Wagner (Mariinskiy theater, 2002).

With director Dmitriy chernyakov worked in by Mariinsk to tea­tre at play "skaza­niye about the invisible hail To ki­tezhe and the virgin Of fevronii" N. Roman -Korsakova (2000), "Tristan and Isolde" Of r. Wagner (2005 g.) .

Member of the union of the theatrical workers of Russia (since 1999) and the member of All-Russian assotsi­atsii of artists on the light. Laureate of the State Prize to Latvia (1996, it is rewarded for 3. Zola‘s play "Theresa raken" in the the Riga Of daylas theater). The works of Gleb fil‘shtinskiy were noted by rewards "gold strip light" and "gold mask", and also by many other rewards.

In the season of Bolshoi theater 2002/03 together with Dmitriy chernyakov was carried out setting opera the "adventures of the rake" Of i. stravinskogo.

Main Stage 1 Teatralnaya ploschad (1 Theatre Square), Moscow, Russia
New Stage Bol'shaya Dmitrovka Street, 4/2, Moscow, Russia
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