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La Cenerentola

Choreography by Irina Novik (revisions)

Running time: 3 hours

Zazerkalye Saint Petersburg State Children’s Music Theatre production


Act 1
Pupils of a ballet school – sisters Anastacia and Drizella– prepare for dancing competition which will be held on ball in a King’s palace. They are convinced that it’s a nice way to attract attention of the Prince and, probably, one of them will win his heart. Young ladies with frenzy sharpen the pases at a ballet machine tool. Mummy, the owner of the studio, steadfastly looks after daughters’ studies, setting and correcting the combinations executed by them. In a hall corner Cinderella inflates fire in the stove, the distant relative of Disaster Girl and Grimace Girl Mummy who holds the girl in a service, has given her excessive full-time house job. Cinderella, without possessing abilities to dances, with observes the ballet process. She would like to learn to dance badly! She tries to repeat the movements, but it turns out to be inconsistent and ridiculous. Wishing to teach “slob” a good lesson gone too far, who has threatened on sacred, Mummy, Disaster Girl and Grimace Girl cruelly punish the Cinderella and specify in her place – «on kitchen at the oven». Unexpected occurrence of the Nun collecting the donations for sick and made destitute, stops the punishments. Mummy and sisters want the Nun has left studio. Only the Cinderella gives her the only laid up coin. Having thanked the kind girl, the mysterious stranger disappears.
Preparation for ball is at high point. Costumiers, make-up artists and hairdressers efficiently enter into a hall. Suits are tried on, coiffures are done, noses are powdered. The invited choreographer studies modern dances with the sisters. Everything is ready. It is time to go on the ball! The Cinderella shyly asks to let her take a look on the holiday from far away. But her desire is roughly and with contempt is stopped. The Cinderella remains alone in the bitter loneliness. Dreaming of ball, she tries to execute her dream dance, but it still looks clumsy and ordinary. Having got tired of household chores, the Cinderella in exhaustingly falls asleep.
From depth of a scene there is a figure of the mysterious Nun which turns to the magic Fairy of good. The fairy awakes the Cinderella and calls her girlfriends – Tsarinas of dance. Having revived from the picture “Pas-de-katra” hanging on a wall of the studio, characters of an engraving allocate the Cinderella with the data of the ballerina: “Step “,” lifting “,” rotation “,” jump”. The fairy of the good who has taken the Cinderella under protection, promises to execute its treasured dream: now it is the former slob, who will perform at the dance Competition in a palace of the King! Tsarinas of dance dress up the Cinderella in a dress of unprecedented beauty, and the Fairy gives it unusually graceful shoes covered with brilliants. The Cinderella with delight presses this invaluable gift to a breast. She is already ready to rush in a palace, but the careful patroness stops her. The fairy, giving Cinderella a watch on a chain, orders her to remember the time, exactly at midnight the girl should leave a palace, differently all magnificence will disappear. The Cinderella goes in a support of the Page to the submitted smart car …

Act 2
Ball in a magnificent King’s palace. The butler jealously observes the dances court and watches over the order of a right performance of all figures. On King’s appearance all the guests greet him and respectfully welcome him. Not having found the Prince among the retainers, he orders to find his son. The butler, to distract the King, suggests the King to admire “juicy” dance of court ladies. At last, sounds of fanfares which announce the arrival of the successor of a throne are distributed. The Prince comes out, being supported by friends; his not absolutely confident gait confirms the rumor about a youth junket which was tightened in a bar. The widowed King, who worships the son, is ready to forgive all his “extravagant” tricks.
Dance competition is announced. Disaster Girl and Grimace Girl -are dangerous competitors to each other. Each girl has prepared a “surprise” for a competitor: one has thrown stones in shoes, and another filled the dress with sheared hair. The sisters’ performance has failed … Music plays again. The attention of all the ladies is involved in the Prince. Mummy hardly tries to “attach” the daughters favorably, but the annoyance of a persuasive family bothers the Prince and he searches for rescue at the friends.
Unexpectedly bright rays of light pierce through the palace hall. In an aura of the magic light there is an amazing stranger, eclipsed the magnificence beauty of all the other ladies. That is Cinderella! The prince is fascinated by the young beauty. The gentlemen captured by passionate desire to dance with the stranger, leave their partners. The bewitched Prince also invites Cinderella to dance. The girl is admired by his courageous beauty. Having begun to spin in a passionate whirlwind of dance, Cinderella stops for a moment and asks the Page to take the watch, that were given by the fairy. In vain he begs the girl not to leave them – the Prince carries away Cinderella into the dance, and the watch remain with the Page. At the end of a waltz the Prince is declined at feet of Cinderella to which for ever he has fallen in love at first sight. The butler, the manager of the ball, declares the continuation of the competition and asks Cinderella to do the turn. Her dance is so good and charmed away with it the King in an enthusiastic impulse personally hands over to the winner «the Golden prize».
Refreshments are served in the hall – an orange ice-cream. Having taken a set of portions, the Stepmother with daughters carry out their dance with thrill. Their greediness and impudence cause numerous sneers in the hall. The prince again invites Cinderella to dance. The happiness and pleasure of a meeting are overflowed with their hearts and Cinderella who has been carried away by the feeling, forgets about time. She does not notice the Page who tries to remind of approach of midnight. With the beat of hours the world of beauty round the Cinderella falls, leaving beside the girl only rack of the ugly beggars asking for charity. Cinderella runs from the palace. The Prince who has directed after Cinderella, selects a shoe which she has dropped. In despair from the lost of love, the Prince sobs on a breast of the father …

Act 3
The prince is in painful melancholy. Despite the declared compensation, the search of Cinderella has appeared ineffectual. The prince does not surrender and together with friends goes on search of the great stranger. Having visited set of countries, but not having found the one, the Prince comes back in the palace.
Cinderella is at home. She is in captivity of sweet memories about the meeting with gorgeous Prince. Having heard the noise of returning sisters, Cinderella hides a shoe in a secluded place. The sisters discuss their recent adventures noisily; they start a quarrel. In the heat of scandal the Disaster Girl finds out Cinderella’s shoe and Mummy has a plan how to deceive the Prince.
A Butler appears in the studio. He informs about a recent arrival of the Prince which does not give up hope to find the wonderful guest. The stepmother tells the daughters to put themselves to rights – perhaps, they (or even she!?) can console the Prince. The Prince comes in. He is in a hurry, as there are much female legs that are necessary to try on. Suddenly Mummy puts a Cinderella’s shoe near the foot ready to try on. But the Prince does not believe in a deceit and is going to leave. Suddenly his attention is involved with the appeared Page specifying to it on the Cinderella which has hidden in the corner. Heart of the Prince loudly beats from comprehension that at last has found that that has been searching for so long! Taking Cinderella’s hand, they go to a palace. Mummy and daughters quarrel and bitterly sob from rage and envy.
Cinderella and the Prince, having merged in uniform breath, dance the wedding dance in dimensionless space of the star sky. The fairy of good, preserving enamored, everywhere accompanies them on road of love going afar and tenderness.
Epilogue …

Main Stage 1 Teatralnaya ploschad (1 Theatre Square), Moscow, Russia
New Stage Bol'shaya Dmitrovka Street, 4/2, Moscow, Russia
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