Semyon Kotko



Act I
Coldat Simeon Kolko returned from the front, but instead sees his home scorched wasteland , pitted with craters , which are hidden strange , alert people - it's his fellow villagers , friends, youth, grown-up sister Froska , her young boyfriend Mikolka , older, burdened with sorrowful mother cares ...
Meeting with his beloved Sophia Seeds sweeping wave of tenderness and warmth . But Sofia's father , a former sergeant major Tkachenko, despite the promise Semen on the front, not going to give his only daughter for him, for the beggar .
Unexpected help comes in the face of communist village chairman Remenyuk , Tsarev the sailor and his bride Liubka . Familiarity with these three born in the soul seeds mixed feelings , but he is willing to do anything for the happiness with Sofey . New allies matchmakers sure fist Tkachenko not dare refuse representatives of the revolutionary government .

Act II
Tkachenko trying to ride out the hard times . Under the guise of employee he hides at the owner of these lands Klembovsky landowner for whom wants his Sophia .
However unwelcome suitors for him on the threshold . Festive betrothal ceremony Sophia and seeds transformed into a spooky farce. With impotent horror looks Tkachenko, both in his home break unwanted guests ...
Dashing " red wedding" interrupts the sudden appearance of the Germans. Covers all premonition of impending doom , fear of terrible destructive force , which still have to face.

Of ruin and ashes, like ghostly apparitions fleeting happiness, flashed in the fog couples ... Among them, Simon and Sofia , Tsar with Lyubka , Mikolka and Froska - three faiths , three hopes , three love without a future .
In the pre-dawn silence invades shaky implacable avenging force . Red , Germans, Whites , Haidamaks - all mixed up in a single bloody mess .
In the eyes of Mikola and Mikola Liubka hang father and Ivasenko old sailor Tsarev Liubka lover .
In the glow of devouring fire writhing mad people . Above the Ashes scary wax candle figure freezes distraught Liubka ...

Act IV
Semen and Mikola their way into the forest , where he joined the partisans. Detachment commander Remenyuk shocked brutal violence Haidamaks over Ivasenko and Tsarev . Over the bodies of the hanged Remenyuk urges fellow nemesis . Guerrillas swear to avenge the death of comrades , to give his life for the happiness of the people.
Semen as a partisan teaches recruits the art of war . Frosya suddenly appears . With tears she tells of the atrocities occupiers that Tkachenko gives Sophia married Klembovsky landowner . At this time the army receives prescription reconnoitre behind enemy lines and go to connect to the Red Army . Semen and Mikola sent to his native village to " undermine " the German headquarters.

Action fifth
Looks terribly burned village . Deserted in the square, nobody but exhausted mother Seeds and bandura . The church candles burning . Sophia rises weeping on the porch : not willingly goes she married Klembovsky . But Simon and Mikola arrived on time. Overwhelmed with rage , anger , revenge , Simon throws a grenade into the church ... Sophia released. But heroes grabbed Haidamaks guerrillas spy sentenced to death . Tkachenko anticipates long coveted the massacre of hateful Kolko .
In the village bursts guerrilla unit and releases seeds and Mikola . People celebrating a victory.

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